The Institute for Wisdom and Conscious Living


The mission of the Institute is to improve and deepen the lives of those who participate through a life of wisdom and conscious living. We understand wisdom to be, minimally, the ability:


To understand the self

To understand others and their inner lives

To understand human relationships from dyads to organizations – marriage, family, friendship, communities, businesses

To understand the processes in time that all of the above go through

To find the moral compass that can provide direction in all our inner work, and produce a life of virtue and moral growth

To take all of the above and apply to our lives in meaningful and measurable ways, to create lives of meaning and transformation


A key to wisdom is conscious living, that is, the ability to live with constant awareness that nearly all moments in life are filled with the potential to apply all of the above.


To further this mission, we offer classes, seminars and other programs that teach the various aspects of spiritual formation (forming life around the concerns of the spirit) and moral psychology (psychology that is directed not only to relieve suffering but also leads to moral growth).


The Institute is non-religious and non-denominational. This does not preclude the Institute from offering teaching related to various aspects of the spiritual and cultural life from various traditions and sources.