Sophos Café


Sophos Café: Enlightened food for wise eaters.


By day, Sophos is a cozy, sophisticated spot to sip a latte or espresso with friends or a good book (0n your tablet, of course!). The coffee bar offers a full range of beverages and the atmosphere is casual and inviting.


On Saturday nights, Sophos is a full-service restaurant and night club. The menu is derived from Mediterranean culinary traditions and also reaches to other corners of the globe. Diners will find fresh and seasonal offerings as well as classic standbys to nourish body and soul.


Entertainment is provided by nationally recognized artists, authors and contemporary thinkers, singer-songwriters and comedians, actors and poets. The café features themed music nights, country dance parties, improv nights and more.


The café also provides catering services for all of the Hub’s spokes including Shabbat and holiday celebrations for Ohr HaTorah Synagogue, meals for Kinder Circle Preschool and for seminars offered by the Institute for Wisdom and Conscious Living. Come by and have a coffee, or a snack or a meal. 


Sophos is open every Saturday. Hours: 6:00PM - 11:ooPM.