Parent & Me


Our Parent and Me Program is a class for both parents and children.  It is an opportunity for uninterrupted play and interaction with your child as well as a resource for parenting, educational and developmental topics relating to young children.  We also hope to create a community of parents who will feel comfortable asking questions, discussing parenting and offering support to each other in an atmosphere of caring and fun.


Parent and Me is a gentle introduction to a classroom routine with some structure, but lots of opportunities for exploration and choice.  It is our objective to provide a variety of experiences that support your child’s development across the entire developmental spectrum, including social and emotional, gross and fine motor, and cognitive areas.

 The classroom will be set up for the children and parents when they arrive with a variety of activity centers that address all these areas.  There will be blocks and trucks, a housekeeping corner for dramatic play, books, babies, manipulative toys and puzzles as well as an art experience.  Children will have their choice of activities during the free play time.  After Free Play, we will have a clean up time where children and parents will clean up the toys together.  This allows parents to help children sort toys into their proper containers and put them away before rug time.  During Rug Time children and parents will participate together with the teacher with songs, finger plays, puppets and activities created to hold their attention and develop attention span. 

Snack Time will follow Rug Time.  While the children have their snack the Teacher will lead a discussion of a developmental or parenting topic appropriate to the age group of the class, giving parents a chance to share their experiences and ask questions.  After the Snack Time the class will have an outdoor playtime and then dismissal.


Our emphasis in the classroom and at outdoor time will be providing a wide variety of activities with plenty of opportunities to use paint, sand, water, and other sensory materials and experiences. We also seek to support emerging language and assist in problem solving and conflict resolution in a constructive way. It is our hope that parents will have an opportunity to observe and support their child’s emerging independence and enjoy this special time of exploding development and the opportunity to get to know their child in all his or her uniqueness in an atmosphere of support and community.