Institute Programs


The institute is constantly growing and adding new programs and classes: 





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Meditation & Inner Work
Stay tuned for upcoming dates
Wednesdays 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Create and Strengthen meditative and
contemplative practices

Learn technology of inner transformation -
Virtue and Wisdom

Walk-ins Welcome!

Tuesday Evenings with Rabbi Finley
Stay tuned for upcoming dates
Tuesdays 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Past THEME: Existentialism and Religion

  • Current Events - Discussion of hot topics that need to be cooled down, presented to inform, not to persuade.

  • Book Review - My favorite books and/or authors that I think would be of interest, old or new. Suggestions gladly accepted.

  • Text Study -  Texts from the Bible to Zohar, Talmud to Hasidis masters- presented with original Hebrew or Aramic with translations provided. We will bring to life the inner wonders of Jewish texts.

  • Thoughtful, Not Ideological - The tough discussions on Race, Class, Gender, etc., where thoughtful people want to discuss an issue with people of different opinions. I would invite guest speakers with expertise to help with the discussion on given issues.

Other topics for a Tuesday night will gladly be considered.

Our guides of “political spirituality” will be in force: facts, values, premises, policies – no anger, criticizing, complaining, or condemning (no accusing, blaming, labeling, comparing unkindly, etc.)

Suggestions for specific books, texts, discussion topics and guest presenters are gladly accepted.

Choosing Judaism
Wednesday  7:00pm - 8:00pm

As an Introduction (or Review!) of Judaism, our program will provide the students with an overview of Jewish practices, ethics, beliefs, texts and history (as well as other topics).  For those interested in understanding more about the Jewish religion, whether Jewish or not, this class will be the introduction or the review that you need!

The Introduction / Conversion / Adult B’nei Class will be offered Wednesday nights 7pm - 9pm, and students may attend in person or online. In addition to the Monday night instruction, there will recommended readings and online supplemental videos. We also recommend that students consider taking other classes at Ohr HaTorah on Jewish teachings regarding  inner life work and/or Jewish philosophy, as well attend our Shabbat morning services. We will have other educational opportunities as well!