Parenting Classes


Inspired by the latest practices in early childhood development, Parents Plus parenting classes will enrich the hearts and minds of our young ones and their parents, regardless of their religious background. We are in the proccess of finalizing our parenting program for the year.


This program shifts the focus from adult-imposed separation to separating at the child’s own pace.  Parenting Plus offers two simultaneous classes:  the Children’s Area and the Parent’s Area.  These classes are designed to support and assist parents and children focusing on separation issues.  With an “open area” policy between the two classes, and easy access to the Parent’s Area, the children can become confident, secure explorers with the knowledge that parent is available and nearby when needed. 


In the Children’s Area, children enjoy learning and playing together as our creative instructors lead them in hands-on activities, such as arts and crafts, story time, exercise, exploratory play, circle time, snacks, and songs.  In the Parent’s Area our child development specialist leads a highly informative discussion group, with a strong emphasis on parenting issues chosen by the participants.

The program will consist of classes that aim to help brand new parents ease into parenthood, and resolve issues for more exprienced parents.