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The HUB on Venice is more than just a community, it is a way of life. Composed of six thriving, vibrant entities, including: Ohr HaTorah Synagogue, Kinder Circle Preschool, Venice Boulevard Community Center, Beach Communities Jewish Center, Institute for Wisdom and Conscious Living, and the Sophos Café, we are a burgeoning nonprofit in Mar Vista.


From parenting groups to kabbalah and psychology classes; homework and ESL clubs to poker and dancing nights; art exhibitions to karaoke; fantastic food, performances, and celebrations, The HUB on Venice is the place where mind, body and spirit go to reconnect. Learn. Explore. Grow. Just take a stroll through each of the “spokes” for more details. There’s always something happening at The HUB!

Our History


In 1993 Rabbi Mordecai and Meirav Finley with the support of a small group of families established the Ohr Hatorah Synagogue. Rabbi Mordecai and Meirav were inspired to build a shul that could attract a diverse group of congregants hoping to find both a vibrant community and a place that encouraged personal and spiritual development. Ohr HaTorah had been the proverbial wandering temple in search of a home after losing its longtime lease on a Westside church. Out of the search for a new permanent home and the purchase of an old building in Mar Vista the idea of the HUB on Venice was formed. A new take on the OHT vision - A cultural center with the mission to provide a home for spiritual growth. A HUB that could attract diverse groups from the community. 


With renovations and creative minds the HUB has become a neighborhood hangout, a center for religious studies, good eating, live entertainment, early childhood education, and adult classes. 



Early Childhood Center

Kinder Circle Preschool,

First Friends Parent and Me, 

Parents Plus Parenting Classes


Inspired by the latest practices in early childhood development, we provide the foundation for children to become well balanced, secure and all around competent people.  Rooted in the teachings of Jewish ethics and spirituality, our First Friends Parent and Me, Kinder Circle Preschool, and Parents Plus Parenting classes will enrich the hearts and minds of our young ones and their parents, regardless of their religious background.

Beach Communities Jewish Center

Providing a variety of services, innovative classes and programs for singles and families, young and seasoned alike, the local Jewish community will have a home just outside their back yard, affiliated OR NOT.

Venice Boulevard Community Center

Responding to the needs and interests of the neighboring community, educational and cultural events and programs will offer unique opportunities for all to learn, celebrate and grow.  All are welcome!

Ohr HaTorah Synagogue

Shabbat / Holiday services, Religious School,           

Holiday Programs, Interest Groups

Adult Education Classes


A full service synagogue, here you can celebrate all milestones of Jewish life in a warm and inviting setting with family, neighbors and friends. Progressive yet traditional, Rabbi Mordecai Finley’s weekly teachings and guidance will bring insight and joy, learning and growth into your busy daily life. Weekly Shabbat services are inspirational and joyous and the gourmet Kosher-style Shabbat often finds congregants lingering for hours catching up on their past week’s activities, sharing stories and basking in the joy of Shabbat afternoon.   



Sophos Café

Sophos (meaning 'wisdom') is a full-service cafe and restaurant, a place to read and browse wirelessly, and a venue that hosts entertainment by singer-songwriters and comedians, and conversations with nationally-recognized authors and important contemporary thinkers.  


Institute for Wisdom & Conscious Living

Moral growth and spiritual transformation; working toward wisdom; special classes for teens and parents; think tank for psychologists/therapists


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The HUB on Venice is six separate entities under one roof.

From parenting groups to psychology classes; homework and ESL clubs to poker and dancing nights; art exhibitions to karaoke; food, performances, and celebrations, The HUB on Venice is the place where mind, body and spirit go to reconnect.


There is always something happening at The HUB!



Just a few blocks from the beaches of Santa Monica, this stunning, newly-renovated building offers a sophisticated variety of rooms that has all the right kinds of space for your function's needs. A full-service kitchen and authentic Italian handcrafted wood-burning pizza oven allows you to cook for anywhere from 2 to hundreds of guests. A full coffee bar featuring the Maserati of Italian espresso machines serves those with sensitive or exquisite palates and preferences for coffee. High ceilings with a creative array of lighting options in the main gallery, coupled with state-of-the-art recording equipment will allow you to create long-lasting memories. Enchanting landscaping makes the patio an appealing option for anything that belongs in the out of doors.  

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Children's Theater Room
OHT Sophos Cafe
OHT Back Yard Night
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11827 Venice Boulevard

Mar Vista, CA 90066

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