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What is it?

The Hub on Venice is six separate facilities under one roof:

  1. Ohr HaTorah Synagogue
  2. Early Childhood Center
  3. Venice Boulevard Community Center
  4. Beach Communities Jewish Center
  5. Institute for Wisdom and Conscious Living
  6. Sophos Café

From parenting groups to kabbalah and psychology classes; homework and ESL clubs to poker and dancing nights; art exhibitions to karaoke; fantastic food, performances, and celebrations, The Hub on Venice is the place where mind, body and spirit go to reconnect. Learn.  Explore.  Grow.  Just take a stroll through each of the “spokes” for more details.  There’s always something happening at The Hub!

poster for Sophos Cafe - "Soon Serving Grub"

Poster with silhouette of surfer and surfboard and the words "Hub's Up, Dude"

Poster for Early Childhood Center - "No Sub for the Hub"

Poster for Venice Boulevard Community Center - "There's No I in Hub"

poster for Ohr HaTorah with tape over the &quotHa&quot that says &quotHub&quot instead "Hub's Up, Dude"

Poster that says &quotKeep Calm and Carry on to the Hub"